Friday, June 24, 2011

Freak time!

I left Contractor #1 a voicemail and an email, requesting the estimate... and nothing. So now it's freaking out time. We've just spent a whole week waiting, and are absolutely nowhere closer to selling the condo.

I wrote a letter to Chaos during my lunch break:

Dear Chaos,

Seriously, leave me alone. It's hard enough to try to move, coordinating a sale and a purchase for the same time, with two kids in two different daycares, lining everything up just right... and you keep throwing more crap my way.


Just leave me alone until we are moved in, and then you can resume your torment.



Apparently Chaos hasn't gotten my message yet. He thought it would be funny to make life harder by having the contractor fall off the face of the earth. How the hell are we supposed to get a condo association decision about what to do with the basement, which we then have to let the buyer know about, if we can't get any freakin' estimates??

I bet Saturday's contractor will have some crisis and not come by, thus leaving us with absolutely NO estimates, and ONE verbal opinion, and NOTHING to give the buyer by our new Thursday deadline.

...I guess this is why my coworker called me Somber Sally.

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