Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Mishaps

It's been a few weeks with only minor mishaps. Let's hope that by saying that, I'm not jinxing myself. But here is the rundown:


When we moved in, the sellers were kind enough to leave us their trash can. However, it was in sorry shape, and within two weeks it was clear we needed a new trash can to survive the abuse that trash day entails. (I think that garbage collectors own stock in trash cans.) So we purchased a new one, but the garbage collectors did not take the old trash can, so it's remained sitting around with a slit all the way up one side.

Last week we missed trash day. So when I found that our (new) can was full, I thought it would be a good idea to put the additional bags into the semi-functional (ok, barely-functional) old trash can. Things were fine for about 24 hours, and then a varmint attacked. He clearly realized that the poor old trash can was no match for him, and strew our gross, stinky garbage around the can while consuming his meal.

I made the husband address this mishap, despite his protests.


My son, who is 15 months and has decided he is a person now, discovered markers this week. He has begun to insist on eating while seated at the table and holding a fork. Last night he walked to the bathroom after dinner to wash his hands at the sink. He procures foodstuffs from the cabinets and helps himself to them. And then he decided to climb up to the breakfast bar where my daughter does her drawing, and start using her markers. On the bar.

Today, he found a pencil (the markers having been - cleverly - removed). This also was used to decorate the bar.

Then I had an epiphany! Color Wonder! Color Wonder markers (which are probably not legit markers, more like creepy watery chemicals in a tube) only write on Color Wonder paper.

So I addressed this mishap, and now my son has markers, which makes him happy, and they only color on Color Wonder paper, which makes me happy.


In the 10 days, my son got sick, the husband and I got a cold, then the husband got a flu, which then gave way to a cold. So today is really the first day I've had a functioning adult around the house in a week or so. I am aware that many people never get another functioning adult around the house, but since I'm usually graced with the presence of one, the lack was very noticeable. Also, the presence of the non-functioning adult was like having a third, whiny child around.

It was great to have the functioning adult back today, to take care of the mess the varmint left.