Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eviction Day Tomorrow

For the third time, my body has refused to kick out the baby (or my baby has refused to listen; not sure which). So some synthetic "get the heck out" drugs (Pitocin) will be served tomorrow morning for breakfast.

This means I no longer have an excuse for not packing my hospital bag with the proper essentials (toothbrush, hairbrush, clothes, nursing pads, lanolin, phone charger, camera, deodorant, lotion), a task I have thus far ignored entirely for 41 weeks, telling myself I'd do it when I was actually having contractions.

This means I had to go grocery shopping one last time today, something I was desperately hoping to avoid all week. And buy extra muffins for the muffin monsters who devour them in my house. And think about what food I might want to cook at the end of the week when I've (hopefully) regained mobility enough to make a meal for the currently-walking three members of my family. (Freezer meals? You're joking, right? No one in my house eats reheated food. Just today, the husband found one of the three "meals" I made recently and said, "I took out this creepy looking food in a black dish. I think you want to throw it out." They will be ordering takeout or fast food until I return to forcing healthier alternatives onto their plates.)

This means I have no excuse for the house being a mess (at least for 24 hours), because I've had a week's warning of when I'll be going out of commission, so I should have taken care of the laundry/dishes/vacuuming/etc. - right? Instead of having a baby, I wonder if I should have hired a housekeeping service.

With my excuses gone and the baby still here, comfy cozy, I'm stuck cleaning and preparing without the excitement of whatever "nesting" is. The day has finally come- without water breaking dramatically; without seeing whatever a mucous plug is; without a race to the hospital; without a frantic phone call.

But then - everything about Baby 3 has been low-key. From the first "announcement" (sending the husband a text with a picture of the pee stick and the words this totally just happened) until now - the just-another-Sunday before tomorrow's scheduled induction.

And maybe that's okay. Because I didn't want Baby 3 to be life-altering, earth-shattering. I just want it to join us on our muffin-munching trek through the daily grind, where we continually adjust to the chaos the world throws our way until we find our new normal.

So, yeah. We're meeting Baby 3 tomorrow. You'd never know it by looking at any of us right now, but we're ready.        

Monday, April 13, 2015

Renovation time is here!

I did make it through last week without taking anyone's head off or having a sobbing marathon. On to this week - our home renovation project is finally on the official docket. The contractors are showing up tomorrow at 7 AM to get started! I am beyond thrilled. Allegedly they will even finish this week, so I can get started on the interior finish work if I wind up home without a baby next week.

Hopefully the contractors are better at framing than I am with Paint
This is like Phase 3 of our 4-Phase attic renovation.

Phase 1 was to completely refinish one third of the upstairs into a bedroom. That was completed two years ago, down to the trim. The only thing not done was the heat and the flooring (we left the old asbestos tile down).

Phase 2 was to gut the remainder of the area we wanted to finish for bedroom #2 and hallway. That was completed last year, with new wiring, ceiling and walls drywalled, leaving just one wall unfinished - the one that the new dormer window is going into this week!

Phase 3 is these windows. We are not knowledgeable enough to cut holes in our roof and frame in dormer windows.

Phase 4 will be finishing bedroom #2, the hallway, and fixing up the interior of bedroom #1 post-dormer framing (it is also getting a new window, so we'll have to do some touching up drywall and painting, and probably some flooring as well).

So when we're done we'll have FOUR bedrooms instead of the TWO we had when we bought the house. Also, T and E will each have their own room upstairs. Until Baby #3 is old enough to move up there and share with one of them.

Updates to come tomorrow (hopefully good ones!)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 4: Over it

Well, I had a good three-day run, but now I'm losing it. I'm sick of being home alone. I wish Baby #3 would just show up already so I at least have some reason for the monotony. I honestly thought I'd go longer than three days before starting to freak out, but I've spent the last hour binge eating cookies and Easter chocolate and all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep - not because I'm tired, but just to make the time go by faster.

I don't have any other major projects I want to tackle, and doing the 800 million endless things that need to get done just sounds miserable. I need to do something so I don't feel like I've wasted an entire day, but that means somehow gathering the willpower to DO something, and after all the cookies and chocolate, I just don't want to do anything at all.

So yeah. This whole stay at home thing? I'm over it. Now what?

Friday, April 3, 2015

SAHM: Days 1-3

Today's my third day as a stay-at-home mom. The good news? I've survived, and I seem to be sane still. Rundown follows:

Day 1: Was home with E. Only let him watch two Handy Manny episodes. Took him with me to doctor's visit. Organized coupons and went grocery shopping - was nice to not have to deal with insane weekend-before-Easter-and-Passover lines. Took nap. I give myself a B.

Day 2: Sent children to daycare/school and mopped floor. Baby did not miraculously appear, but the floor is clean. Went shopping (did I mention Easter is Sunday? Had to go place a request with the Bunny). Failed to make pot roast for dinner; made Italian sausage instead. Found out E prefers daycare over staying home with me. Not really surprising, but not encouraging either. Downgrading yesterday to a C. Grade for Day 2 also a C.

Day 3: After husband came home yesterday, waste water pipe broke, spilling poowater into the basement. Spent this morning getting that resolved so we can use the toilet and shower and wash our hands and dishes and brush our teeth and do laundry... wow, we're really water-dependent. Took children (both T and E are home as it's Good Friday and there is no school) to Dunkin Donuts to use their toilets (also bought donuts for them). Once water pipe repair was completed (phew!), did some chores. It is now 3 and I want to nap. Feeling very un-accomplished. Day is not over but I would give it a B- because at least I repaired 3 barbies who had broken limbs.

Highlight so far: clean flooring