Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today I'm going for an interview and this has spawned a button dilemma. I have actually been having a button dilemma for a year - I think. A long time ago - so long ago that I can't remember for sure if it WAS last winter - the third of four buttons on my nicer winter coat came off. I'm sure I put the button somewhere "safe" so that I could sew it back on (yes, I do buttons), but of course here we are a year later and I have no idea where said button has gone.

So this leaves me with three options: continue wearing coat with three buttons and large gaping hole in the middle; move unused top button to third button's spot, hence making coat appear whole again; purchase new button. I suppose option four would be to search the entire house for the missing button, but given the relative cost of button versus time to search ... I have ruled that option out.

I investigated proceeding with option two, as I am dissatisfied with option one when I look in the mirror and see myself looking so sloppy (oh dear, poor disheveled lady missed a button when she was buttoning up). However, it turns out the coat designer had put a smaller button on the backside of the coat on each of the bottom three buttons, but NOT on the top button. So now I'm really down two buttons. I also discovered I lack the right color thread for reattaching button one in button three's position.

So after all this, I will be making a trip to purchase two buttons and tan thread in the near future. And after all this, I've decided the coat can definitely NOT be worn anywhere near an interview location, which means I hope the walk from car to door is very, very short this afternoon.