Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forward and Backward


Our first contractor came today to give an estimate for repair/rebuilding of the now-infamous Wall. Contractor 1 feels that the wall does not need to be rebuilt. He thinks some mortar and loving labor will be enough to keep the wall standing. After some thorough inspection, he thinks the wall has been bowed for some time, and is not posing any structural risks.

Mr. Structural Engineer, by the way, refused to provide a written assessment. He insisted he was called in to "appraise" the wall, which he did, and that if we want him to do a report it will cost $800-$1k and will include all his fabulous engineering expertise. I said I'd let him know if I was interested ... later.

Tonight's freak-out is based on the concern that repair will not be good enough for the prospective buyer and she will walk away.

Backward: We have a buyer!

After what felt like our millionth open house (I think it was somewhere between the 5th and the 10th), we finally had an interested buyer!! I waited anxiously to see what her offer would be... it was not good. We did some negotiating over the span of 24 hours until we found our floor and her ceiling, and then we took it... because we want to move to our friggin house already!! I was ecstatic. I was high on life. I began obsessively sticking things in boxes. I made a spreadsheet and updated it hourly with all the things I could think of we'd need to do before closing. We had a date! We were finally moving!

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