Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside

Zero, in fact.

Three things about winter in my house:

The thing about wood is, it shrinks in the winter. This mostly causes small changes that aren't irritating but which give you pause. Such as:

-the floor in my kitchen is covered with vinyl. Vinyl does not shrink. So, every winter, the floor shrinks under the vinyl and my kitchen floor has air lumps.
-Also, the wood frames on the windows shrink and make awful noises like ice cracking.

Now, drafts. The kitchen is full of drafts. It is insulated solely by the cabinets. So when you open a cabinet, you are greeted with a blast of cold air. Icy air seeps out from under the corner cabinet and the oven, and freezes your feet. And the door is like a sieve. I have resorted to shoving coats in front of the worst drafts.

Finally, oil. The house is heated by oil. I love the oil company. They have been awesome. But oil is just so.damn.expensive. So the heat is usually 65 or less. Unless we have company. I like having company!

I was reminded today of a problem we do NOT have in this house (knock on wood): frozen pipes.