Friday, April 3, 2015

SAHM: Days 1-3

Today's my third day as a stay-at-home mom. The good news? I've survived, and I seem to be sane still. Rundown follows:

Day 1: Was home with E. Only let him watch two Handy Manny episodes. Took him with me to doctor's visit. Organized coupons and went grocery shopping - was nice to not have to deal with insane weekend-before-Easter-and-Passover lines. Took nap. I give myself a B.

Day 2: Sent children to daycare/school and mopped floor. Baby did not miraculously appear, but the floor is clean. Went shopping (did I mention Easter is Sunday? Had to go place a request with the Bunny). Failed to make pot roast for dinner; made Italian sausage instead. Found out E prefers daycare over staying home with me. Not really surprising, but not encouraging either. Downgrading yesterday to a C. Grade for Day 2 also a C.

Day 3: After husband came home yesterday, waste water pipe broke, spilling poowater into the basement. Spent this morning getting that resolved so we can use the toilet and shower and wash our hands and dishes and brush our teeth and do laundry... wow, we're really water-dependent. Took children (both T and E are home as it's Good Friday and there is no school) to Dunkin Donuts to use their toilets (also bought donuts for them). Once water pipe repair was completed (phew!), did some chores. It is now 3 and I want to nap. Feeling very un-accomplished. Day is not over but I would give it a B- because at least I repaired 3 barbies who had broken limbs.

Highlight so far: clean flooring

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