Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Month

In One Month we'll be handing over our keys and getting new ones! (And hopefully our buyer finds out quickly for herself that one key opens half the locks on one door, one key opens all the locks, and one key opens half the locks on the other door)

Next week, we have plans that are sure to lead to an adventure...

This week's adventure is finding out what the smell is in our condo. Our agent (and, you will remember, the buyer) thinks it smells like cat pee, but two other independent sources say it smells like our rabbit cage (which smells like a barn because their litter box is hay). I don't smell it; but we have officially verified that I am now incapable of correctly assessing the smell of my living space (this must be how hoarders get accustomed to gross smells - although I would argue I like the way barns smell). I do, however, smell something in the kitchen. So I put some coffee beans in the garbage disposal and emptied the trash. We'll see if I can smell anything when I get home from work tomorrow (this is the only time I notice anything less than a major smelltastrophe).

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