Monday, October 3, 2011

Mystery poop (I hope)

The week got off to a fabulous start today when my son (14 mos) decided to have a triple-bout of diarrhea after arriving at daycare. Of course he was fine before being dropped off. And when I showed up (and could hear him crying from outside of the infant room), he immediately stopped crying as soon as he saw me and employed the use of one of his two words (ma!ma!ma!). As flattering as this is, it merely offset the irritation I had at having just spent as much time in the car this morning as I did at work.

Once home, the boy decided that he was perfectly fine and would spend the rest of the day babbling and strutting through the house, not the least bit interested in napping or (thankfully) having any more exciting bowel movements.

As the day draws to a close, I can only hope that the morning's intestinal excitement was a one-off and will not be repeated. Why the pooplosion? That is a mystery, for now.

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